FXStarz is a site all about the foreign exchange market, which consists of news, opinions, daily and weekly, monthly Forex analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, tutorials, basics of the Forex market, Forex software posts, insights about the Forex industry.

FXStarz aims to help people trade Forex responsibly. Real people stand behind the site, commentary seeks to be balanced, and the editorial line leans toward robust Forex trading.

Personal Touch: FXStarz was founded by George Soros and Hassan Arshad in 2009. George has been into forex trading for over 10 years and shared the experience and the knowledge accumulated. The site aims to approach everyone – from savvy economists to newbie traders.

Hassan Arshad has a background as a computer programmer, so forex software has a special place on the site. He lives in Pakistan. This is the view out of the window.

FXStarz has grown with two regular writers: John Dror and Kenny Bell. Also, two more people are involved in editing and business development tasks: Nabeel Ali.

There’s a long list of guest posters, some write more regularly than others. The team will gradually grow over time.

As a forementioned, some of the posts might be more personal to give a more human feeling to the numbers and the dollars.

FXStarz does its best to be as transparent as possible, and always states when it has a relevant relationship with various factors. Transparency and fairness are essential to the FXStarz team.

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